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Audio Recording Complex Featured

The post production area is mainly intented for night activities. It is the first visual impact of the complex. We can see a glass type volume and a plain one involving the main cube, which represent the end of the audio recording process. This cube has been treated in light and light blue stuccos to remind us of the quietness of the sky and connect us with the marine enviroment.

The volume that has the main presence in the composition, contains the recording areas, it is accompained with curves that serves as acoustical protection and conducts the visual strain to the main cubic volume.

I have also proposed dynamics curved forms that remains us of the movement of the waves of the ocean that is the main view ot the plot.

The architectonical languaged used in this project is the result of three strong factors that intervene in the development of the project: The architectonic environment, the  modernity, and the aesthetics.

The architectonic surrounding environmental factor; It was a determinant factor in the design due to the fact that the property is in front of the sea. I have proposed high glass doors and terraces wherever the acoustical treatment of the spaces allowed them, to make advantage of the extraordinary view. I have also proposed different elements, material, shapes, and textures that reminds us of the ocean, such as sand texture stuccos, wave-shaped volumes and palm trees.

The modernity factor; this is a fundamental factor related to the commercial procedures of the Audio Recording Industry, where showing a modern image is consider a very positive factor. I have used modern elements, materials and techniques from the construction field.

The aesthetic factor; the different volumens make the complex a very sculptural proposal. The main challange, however, was to organize these volumes in a harmonic way, so as they coudl be integrated without competing among them.