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House in the Wetlands Featured

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I have designed this house for my parents, they bougth this 8m. x 37,5m. property in a privileged quiet place in the South of Lima. Villa, an area near the beach that shares borders with a golf camp and is surrounded by natural wetlands. They wanted a simple architecture with ample spaces that allowed them to enjoy the landscape with a sense of intimacy from the confort of the house.

The peculiar dimensions of the elongated property was compensated by the exaggeration of the vertical proportions of the simple volumes of the house. I started by raising the floor level, in this way the house will  be safe from the damp of the land, and the vision around would be hightligthed.

I have also proposed the rooms to be in constant contact with open spaces and to have as high ceilings as possible; the minimum floor to ceiling height is 2,80m. In this way, the house has reached a slender effect, wicth has been emphasized with the very stylized forms of the doors and windows, the lighting and material effects, the furniture and other interior treatments. The house has being proposed to be painted with light colors, in order to keep the slender sensation and give the house a warm touch. The principal material proposed stuccos, sanded glass, stone and natural wood.

I have taken special care of the visual ends along the path walks of the house. The general distribution of the spaces obeys to the particular requirements of the owners. The first floor includes the housing area and an separetad area to become a workshop. This floor of the house is composed by the social and daily work areas, while the second floor includes the private areas.

It was a challenge to design the social part of the house taking full of the view and creating big spaces in such a elongated property. I wanted large spaces, so in order to define them I decided to integrated them, playing with levels, the structural main beam and two columns. Both spaces ended with large proportions and provided with the opportunity to enjoy the view of the interior and main gardens.

The entrance to the house is marked with a vertical tendency portico that takes us to a reception patio. This stone treated patio and its central fount, invites us to enjoy the quiet and ecological character of the place. This patio also relates, through large sliding glass doors, the busiest rooms in the house during the quotidian days; the kitchen and the studio. But it is the principal sculpted glass door of the house, the one that captures our attention and leads us to inside of the house.

A cubic hall welcomes us to the inside part of the house, this transitional ample space has a double floor height that has been interrupted by a curved slanting wall. This wall serves us a stucco background to an interior garden, and directs the walk paths to the posterior part of the house, the daily used rooms or upstairs.

A long sober gallery leads us to the posterior part of the house, where the social area has being proposed in order to be extended to the back garden. It was a challenge for me to design the social part of the house taking full advantage of the view and creating big spaces in such a stretch property. I wanted large spaces, so I integrated them, and I played with levels, the structural main beam and two columns, to define them. As a result, both spaces ended with large proportions and with the opportunity to enjoy the view of the garden.

The raised level of the dinning room floor, besides allowing contact with the service area, provides it with a sense of intimacy, the same that has been emphasized by the view of an internal small patio, a too hight ceiling and the furniture. The lower level of the living room give it a one floor and a half height ceiling, stylizing its small dimentions, and allowing it, through very high slicing higt doors to be integrated with the terrace and the garden.


The spaces of the second house of the floor continue the tendency of creating an enlargement effect. I have proposed the intimate spaces for this area; the bedrooms, a family living, a private studio, and a terrace.

In the back part, the two bedrooms are connected to a balcony, which offers a spectacular panoramic view of the wetlands and the golf camp. At the front part of the house there is a welcoming terrace with the space to put an awning in the summer to quietly sit and admire the view of the wetlands.




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