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Carlos Bernal Iglessias Fotógrafo

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Artist Statement


My work doesn’t involve any retouching whatsoever. What you see in the work is what was portrayed at the time of releasing the shutter.


I like working in digital photography for its sense of immediacy and dynamic feel, this helps create a meditative feel to how I work when I am shooting the pictures.


While I am drawn to the physicality of each subject, I find that my sub conscience is trying to portray signs given to us by the universe, highlighting its sense of mysticism.


I tend to immerse myself into the flow of my surroundings, letting my instinct guide me. When I revisit the pictures I have taken, I look for the hidden messages and the thread which links them ….this process bring at times surprising results, unimaginable prior to taking the pictures...


While the pictures portray beauty, sometimes in its subtlest form, they also represent my deepest fears as though reflected in a large holographic mirror representing the duality present in our lives.


Through my work, I try to show what my experience so far and observation have taught me in that quantum physics and spirituality coincide, helping to form a multidimensional and elegant universe.



I make photographs to portraits and artistic nudes on request.
If you are interested contact me here. Thanks.


Cuando alguien descubre lo que desea en la vida el Universo entero conspira para que lo consiga. Recordé en enseguida esta famosa frase de Paulo Coelho cuando conocí a Carlos Bernal Iglessias, su obra y su historia. Carlos es una de esas personas privilegiadas que tienen un gran talento, una gran pasión y la fuerza necesaria para aunar ambos elementos. Como resultado ha surgido su obra: inteligente, sutil, inesperada, sorprendente pero sobre todo...hermosa.

Translating his creative visions to the digital form, Carlos Iglessias’s photography creates complex equations of cars traveling on city streets to reveal a breathtaking scope of mystery and intrigue.

There is a mysticism to Iglessias’ works, inspired by his vision of an elegant universe where the realms of science and spirituality join together...

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Próximas exposiciones

Diciembre 2011
Exposición de Navidad en:

Taller d'Artista

C/ Comte Urgell, 45 local 1

08208 Sabadell

Febrero  2012
Exposición colectiva: “Collectors’ Choice.”

International Fine Art, Inc
511 West 25th Street, Chelsea
New York, NY  10001

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