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Carlos Bernal Iglessias Fotógrafo

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About me

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Professional trajectory:


n 1982, encouraged by my passion for nature, I began to study photography self-taught.

At 21 I start working as a driver in the Madrid subway, devoting much of my salary to buy both books and magazines on the subject and photographic equipment for learning and research. And I undertake my first artistic photographs...

After several years learning photography, I enter as an assistant in the studio "Day Light" in Madrid, where I broaden my knowledge on fashion photography and advertising, so that in the years following I begin to work as a fashion and actors photographer at "Life" "Isasi" and "Vanity" agencies in Madrid.

Combining this with the photography of art reproductions and portraits of actors.

In 1999 I make a parenthesis that lasts nearly 5 years and return to advertising with a personal style and in 2005 I perform works such as:

  • Jazztel Campaign
  • Automobile Antolin Group Campaign (Mercedes Benz, Ford, Renault, Seat)
  • Iberoamerican Summit of Salamanca.

In 2006 I return to my roots in art looking for a new message creating my 1st collection "BLUE TANTRA”

And finding a parallel magical universe that was always there but I had not seen before...


Since 2008

  • Diocesan Museum (PIA Almoina) Barcelona (collective)
  • GLOBAL ART GALLERY Barcelona (collective)
  • Agora Gallery New York, USA (collective)
  • MARIZART INTERNATIONAL Hamburg, Germany (collective)
  • AMSTERDAM WHITNEY GALLERY New York, USA (collective)

Vea algunos de mis Trabajos en Fotografía Comercial