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Carlos Bernal Iglessias Fotógrafo

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There is a mysticism to

Iglessias’ works, inspired

by his vision of an elegant

universe where the realms

of science and spirituality

join together. Inner landscapes

of myth and the

subconscious surround

his peacefully illuminated

figures under the electric dance of lights. His models become

tranquil goddesses resting under the Aurora Borealis, the cool

indigos, blues, violets, and greens rippling as if seen underwater.

Iglessias brings forth an intimate and sensual vision of the

female form in dark and light. His nudes lie dreamlike in their

repose, emerging from the blackness that surrounds them in

an incandescent glow of neon in the night. Iglessias’ dynamic,

staged scenes are printed just as they are shot using a slower

shutter speed on his digital camera and are never retouched or

altered. Although completely self-taught, Iglessias has become

noted for his fine art and fashion photography both internationally

and in his native Spain.



Digigraphie, edition of 5 35” x 47”

Published in Arte