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This project was proposed to the Contest organized by the construction materials business group Porcelanosa, aimed to promote the creativity while using “LÁntique Colonial” mosaics line.

It was a challenge to design a wet area without neglecting the functional and practical aspects and emphasizing the aesthetics. This composition of different planes intended to be a volumetric catalog differenced by the proportion but unified by a horizontal grid defined by a gold unifying colour.
The inferior part of the design welcomes the user and consists in cylinders developed by a conventional system of brick and concrete blocks.  The upper part of the design is dedicated to contain the necessary elements for the bathing function (shower and lamps) and it is formed by a wood structure covered by a porous surface able to receive the adhesive cement.

The colours, textures and forms chosen reflect our personality and mood. Being able to recognize the objects of everyday life causes a rewarding experience that fills us with a positive energy. The patchwork of LÁntic Colonial vitreos offers several forms, colours, textures, and sizes that allows to capture those unique and personal designs that we yearn for.

A composition impregnated with a playful tone is proposed in colourful grids. The horizontal grid continues the composition; it starts in the floor with the wide and short cylinders and finishes up to the tall and thin cylinders of the upper part.
The proposal of a composition of cylinders forms with different proportions and sizes allows to appreciate the versatility of placement and the utility of the products while serves to show the colours and texture available.












Published in Other Work
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