Dvd Authoring

In Dvd Authoring, I develop the full process of a Dvd master creation.

First I design and compose all the screens, creating buttons and backgrounds, drawing, using the characters´s poses of their Style Guide or asking -if is about 3D content, and is possible- the characters´s  poses that I need.
Then I add some Visual and Sound FX to the interface: motion, parts of videos, etc. that the user will see in the Dvd menu, where he can choose view some episode, view extras, play games, etc.
After, I program everything including dvd games in extra section, and I make the "master", a fully functional dvd that I test, and finally is copied to make thousand of copys.

This process is similar for other media or enviroments like BLUE-RAY Discs, Interactive CDs, or even online software applications.

Ironkid DVD (Cartoon TV Series)

Bernard Bear DVD (Cartoon TV Series)

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