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In summer of 2010 I did a freelance work for a company called RB Consulting.

The job was very atractive to me: create all the graphics (characters, user interface...) for a multiplayer online Poker game (Texas hold´em). I was also required to design the website and the online shop -that I developed with Magento-  for the game, and helped with the integration of the programming.

The idea was simple, the users will play poker and earn points that could use to buy products in the online shop or get discounts in the price. There was free tables and others with minimun bets, where users could pay money to get points and bigger prices.

I was very involved with the proyect and I even suggested the new "virtual locations" for the game (initially Texas), and a "Challenge a Friend" section, where anyone could send funny invitations to his/her friends.

Of course the game was integrated with Facebook (login, sharing scores and products...) and I also designed a few Ad formats to promote it in Tuenti (a kind of spanish Facebook).

Unfortunately the year after with the game plenty of gamers in the tables, the spanish Game Law, changed and the company decided to stop the game. At least, in summer of 2011 when I was teaching web design the game was still online and I could show it proundly to my students. I few months later was offline.

It´s a pity that, but I can show the mock-up in this link:

And post here some images and captures for the project.


Tomypocket Social Game: Challenge a friend "Reto" 01

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