I started the trend of digital graffitis in Spain and in part of Europe many years ago.

Now my custom digital graffitis, that can be printed at any size breaking any limit, and sticked almost over any surface, from walls to cars, are in many countries. Specially to decorate kids and teenager rooms, and getting them involved with street art.

But also in many offices, restaurants, hi tech companies, freelancers, colleges...
Everyone can have a graffiti with his company logo, nick, biz or service name, whatever.
And my graffiti designs are also printed on T-shirts, hoodies, shorts...

I you want something new and fresh for motivate your work space, feel free to contact me and we will discuss the details to bring to life any idea.

Now I'm really glad that my name Carlos Nieto is related with Graffiti Art.
I like to spread the Art.
Of course if you can get a good graffiti writer or muralist to paint your walls, hire him or her!
But if you want something clean, be able to see it before is on your wall, and also be able to change it before is done, hire me!
The print part is the easier part and you can print it in any local company.
Those are some of the advantages of Digital Graffitis.

Here are some samples of my work, but if you want to check more, please visit:

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