Advertising and Textile Graphic Design

Graphic design, advertising, T-shirts...

Since my first profession was drawer I have evolved to become a multimedia designer.

I´m mostly self-taught, and lucky enough to work in the fields that I was interested, improving daily with real works.
When I did my Graphic Design studies I was better than teachers using Photoshop.
But I have a debt with those teachers, because they teached me to love typography, colors, shapes and almost all things related with my job.

So after some years of hard working I even have teached Graphic Design, Photoshop, Web Design, Flash, Javascript, Php Programming...

Teacher of Professional Websites Master CourseCreative Director, Webmaster, Web Programmer, Artist...
Some weeks I must develop an online shop, others draw a character for a game or create a website with an open source content management system or create a new Brand logo. And some days I fix a computer.
Because computers are part of our lives, part of our work, part of us.

But one of the works that I love more lately is T-shirt design that and Graffiti Art are my last loves.

I always have a strange feeling when someone ask me what is my job.
It's hard to explain to people that I have a lot of jobs. It's like being fireman and carpenter the same day.
One week I had to fix a hacked online shop that was mining bitcoins and then a new brand logo and a few T-shirts...
How do you explain this to your mum if she ask about how is your work son?

I know a few guys like me, people who can for example design a logo or write PHP and also animate a character in Cartoon TV Series.
I belive in the future thanks to computers there will be more like us. Tech & Design freakies.

I´m always learning, improving, trying to innovate, and sometimes I forget to add new works, but here you can see some samples of what I have done, for clients or for personal projects.

More samples in right categories.


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