Textile & Apparel Print Design T-shirts, Shorts, Hoodies, Caps...

My mother was Dressmaker, so since I was a kid I have been surrounded by textiles and the taste for the touch of fabrics.

But my favorite part in Fashion business is the apparel design.
In my case, I love the printed designs, the patterns... the message or history that you can tell in printed clothes.

Does not matter if is for babies, kids, girls, boys or adults.
I have designed for several kind of customers: Athletes, Rockers, Videogames or TV Series fans...

As a professional illustrator and Graphic designer, I can create in any style or trend, but not all illustrations or designs fit on clothes, you got to get the right balance, achieve the perfect mix between both: picture and apparel.

These are some of the T-shirts and Shorts (with different techniques like screen printing, vinyl, discharge tints, sublimation, DTG...) that I have designed and produced for several clients.

My work has been specially appreciated by Mixed Martial Arts fighters and Extreme Sports.
I also stand out in Urban Style design.
Between my main influences are Tattoo and Graffiti culture but also Latin, Mexican and Asian/japanese styles.

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