Interface design introduction

Interface design or UI design, is a very important field, with big possibilities in a lot of interactive enviroments.
The interface is the link between the user and the tasks that he can do interacting with the machine.
Because of this, the user must enjoy the experience of using, and it must be easy for him to get what he want to do.

I have designed -and a lot of times, developed too- interfaces for several enviroments, like interactive CD-ROMS, DVD, WEB, E-LEARNING, GAMES...
A good interface is easy to understand for the user (friendly) and visually atractive (sound is also very important, while touch and other senses are growing in importace).

My work usually includes interactive, motion, and sound FXs.
Here are some screen captures, but please check the right menu for more samples of my work.

Now I am specially interested in videogames interfaces, for computer or next gen consoles, because the design process is similar of working in other enviroments, with de main difference of the working resolutions, and the advantage of having less limitations than others, and more creative possiblities.

Various clients

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